Thursday, 28 June 2012

Why did you go veg?

A lot of people have started asking me this question- "why are you a vegetarian? ".. This is not a 'vegetarian is better than a non vegetarian' or vice versa thing. Just my side of why I am a vegetarian for people who are interested to know.So here it is....

I don't want a fellow living thing who feels pain just like us to go through so much pain and suffering just to satisfy my taste buds. Maybe the pain the animal goes through is worth the taste for some..not for me though. The way animals are treated in this industry is worse than pathetic!
I would have been a non vegetarian if the animals killed were kept properly and killed without suffering with pain.
I am not against killing for food.I am against the suffering inflicted.
So, I will not have non veg unless i have no option left. I will avoid it as far as it is a question of my survival.
For people who are unaware of how the industry works, watch documentaries on it please. 'The earthlings' is one.

Do fishes feel pain or not is not known for sure yet.  In experiments it is observed that they show pain but some say that the part of the brain (specific regions of the cerebral cortex )which causes pain is absent.The way it dies itself is very disturbing for me...I am a person with breathing issues and I can relate to the trauma you go through when you cannot I am kind of unable to eat fish peacefully..

I don't use leather for the same reason. No suffering for pleasure. You have so many alternatives for it.There are a lot of people for who leather has a cool and upper class quotient attached to it.They proudly announce "it is made of original leather!". You think a leather bag will upgrade your status?? At what cost?? Owning something for which an animal has suffered so much is not gonna rise your value.
Oh wait..there are people who might admire your new leather bag. The same people who will go buy a brand just because some celebrity said it has class or a deodorant coz the ad said girls will be all over u for using that deodorant.

These are my personal reasons. I am aware that I might not be able to avoid everything, but whatever I can I will.

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  1. :) fair enough. Nice to see you posted this on your blog.